To live a life that is fully engaged, energizing, and rewarding more than ever.

This is what I want to encourage everyone to obtain. Living a life full of meaning, purpose, and happiness comes from knowing how to give your time, talents and treasures to the world around you.

As a young philanthropist, I have met some of the world’s most notable and inspiring change makers and have worked alongside some of the world’s most generous philanthropists and activists. Despite their diverse backgrounds, one common thing that had given them the most joy was through the simple act of giving.

Truly, the key to happiness lies in helping others.

I want to inspire millennial philanthropists. Over the last year, I have spoken and written about changing the way we engage millennial donors and volunteers, and redefining what it means to give back. If you are looking for groups or communities to be apart of, would like to discuss engaging millennials in workplace giving, engaging millennials with a culture of philanthropy etc. or to learn some simple ways you can start giving, please send me an email.

I have spent several years supporting philanthropic organizations, both locally and internationally, with ERDO in Guatemala and the Samaritan Foundation in the Dominican Republic, Sosua. Others include:

• Foundation, Sinai Health System – Chair of Future Sinai

• SIPO Foundation – Director of Board, Human Resources

•  You’re The Key – Founder

• Haven Toronto – Communications and Development Officer

Cotton Words – Founder (Events supported The Hub Youth Centre, Orangeville Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, The Chica Project, Yellow Brick House etc.) For photos visit Facebook and Instagram

Habitat for Humanity Canada

If you want to find your purpose, start by focusing your attention on others, then have the courage to pursue what makes you come alive –and keep doing lots of that.


Future Sinai (FS) is a group of young professionals, in their 20s and 30s, passionate about Sinai Health System. FS raises funds to help Sinai Health System provide the best patient care for those who need it most – from healthy beginnings to healthy aging. | At the Sinai Soiree where we supported Women’s and Infants’ Health at Sinai Health System.


This is the dream team (…minus a few others) | thank you to all that supported the Recovery Brunch at Momofuku, hosted by Future Sinai on May 28, 2017. Together we raised over $14,000 to support Bridgepoint Active Healthcare, part of Sinai Health System. Bridgepoint is an internationally recognized, 464-bed rehabilitation and complex care hospital.


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