A passion for people and business, I have a proven track record for helping companies achieve their highest potential and profitable results, through an approach that keeps “human” at the core of their business practice (people over profit, always wins). My breadth of experience has everything to do with people, including but not limited to: talent management, workforce planning, employee experience and retention, career management, accommodation, learning and development, coaching, HRM systems and analytics, corporate culture, and internal communications. Working through two reorganizations, a restructure, and an amalgamation has been the best self-directed learning experience, to date. Currently, I oversee the development of policies at the OSC, ensuring the OSC is in compliance with legislation and implements best practices.

A passion for community, I love to encourage others to live a life that is fully engaged and rewarding, and philanthropy plays a large role in that. I believe that living a life full of meaning, purpose, and happiness comes from knowing how to give your time, talents and treasures to the world around you. As a young philanthropist, I have met some of the world’s most notable change makers and have worked alongside some of the most generous activists. One common thing that had given them the most joy is the simple act of giving. After spending years’ supporting not-for-profits, I decided to pursue a board position. Currently, I serve as Chair, Future Sinai within Sinai Health Foundation which has raised close to $500,000. I speak and write about changing the way we engage millennial donors and volunteers, and redefining what it means to give back.

Apart from my work across the HR and talent ecosystems, I serve as Manager of Performance at TEDx and Manager of Partnerships at The Ultimate Health Podcast. In my free time, you can often find me in the far corners of the internet, reading about human behaviour, researching new scientific discoveries, or brainstorming with Startups on building a game-changing talent and culture strategy. Currently, I am working on obtaining my ICF designation.

Companies include: