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Unconventional Paths Lead to Discovering Your Highest Self

I’ve discovered that the best way to learn how to live as your true highest self is through unconventional paths and adventures.

The education system, career counseling, and resume writing workshops are great things. There is nothing wrong with these and I admire the people that give their lives to it.

But, these systems can also be cookie-cuttery and sometimes outdated, leaving you feeling stuck.

What I know now, that I didn’t know then, was the importance of surrounding yourself with a network of people who are inspiring, creative, strategic, and innovative.

You will learn far more being surrounded by people who are willing to answer your endless stream of questions along the way. The invaluable insight you will receive by asking questions and being surrounded by role models and mentors will be the greatest education and inspiration for discovering your highest self and getting unstuck.

Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine. Roy T. Bennett



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Posted on January 7, 2017

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